About us

Family and Friends together, Scouts forever

For more than 25 years I have been active outdoor, in youth as a scout, now more with my own family or friends. Always with a strong love for nature and the force of nature fire. I love to make a campfire, use it for warming, for cooking or just as a pleasant light source at night. Whether with gas cookers, wood or Esbit, I enjoy using fire and dreaming in the familiar flames.

The fire exudes an unbridled attraction, young and old. In today's civilization, however, we find fewer and fewer points of contact with the fire, it is perceived rather as negative, but it has so many positive facets, but only if it is handled properly. Focussing on the positive of fire and making it usable in a variety of ways is our goal. 

How it all started

After many intense experiences with fire and energy sources outside of civilization, the idea for a truly flexible and robust product sprouted. This should bundle all functions and benefits and be easy to use for everyone. Important to make this possible in harmony with nature. To protect the environment and preserve our unique blue planet. Together with my two oldest sons (14 and 17 years old), the idea became a concept, the concept a model.

From this model of old sheet metal parts, until now to the current innovation step, it was a long and stony way, countless tests, of parts from the 3D printer, about test patterns, long burning tests, extreme load tests at over 1,100 ° C, unfortunately also fails and discarded concepts, we have made it.

Now we can finally introduce to you, the FlexFire!