Robust Design

FlexFire is build out of stainless steel titanium alloy and tested many times to check the heat durability is awesome. Our manufacturer are ISO 9001 certified to ensure a constantly material quality.

Recycling and recyclability

In an unlikely case that a part of the FlexFire will be broken down, the material can be recycled 100%. You can easily change the defect part and the FlexFire is ready to use again.

Sustainable materials

Surface of the FlexFire will not be cleaned up or polished to improve environmentally friendly production, we did not use any plastic protection foil, because the Product is to use and not only to look nice. The environment say thanks!

Environmentally friendly production facilities

The production is located in Germany, the machines and processes are modern and would be continuities improved. So the energy consumption is minimal.

Sustainable shipping

Our logistic partners has to transport CO₂-neutral. We want to use package without plastics.