The LightFire is an favorable wood burning stove to start your life outside. It is an mobile multifunctional outdoor cooker "Made in Germany".

The multifuel feature provides the use of wood, bark, Esbit, animal dung, Trangia or as a gel cooker. Due to the plug-in principle he brings a very small and light pack size.
The LightFire works on the so-called fireplace principle. Cold air is sucked in from below, heated and discharged upwards. The closed side walls act like a chimney and lead the air accelerated to the top. Due to the suction effect, a great deal of oxygen is supplied to the combustion, which leads to high firing temperatures and optimum combustion of the fuel. As a result, the LightFire burns very efficiently, which makes only a small use of fuel needed.

Included are two potholders for the use of small pots or large pans. It is delivered in a high-quality case made of durable and environmentally friendly canvas, also made in Germany!



  • Multi-fuel usage - all kind fuel like wood, Trangia, Gasburner, Gel-Burner, Esbit
  • Environmentally friendly CO2-neutral use with wood of the stove possible
  • fast assembly of the outdoor stove in under 1 minute
  • you can change the position of the baseplate to use other types of fuel
  • Perfect distance to the pot with a Trangia Burner
  • Adjustable to fit small cups or large pans
  • very light and small to pack in
  • usage of high-temperate resistance stainless steel-titanium alloy
  • extendable with the grillplate from the FlexFire 4

Made for newcoming explorers, alone or for two, who wants to protection our planet and would like to live in harmony with the nature.

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